The Apsu Interviews: Nothing Stands in the Way of this Aussie Waterman

Apsu Interviews: Bryce Miller

Bryce Miller is a true Australian waterman. A big wave surfer, windsurfer and surfer, you’d be hard pressed to find this Surf Coast resident on land when there are waves and wind to enjoy. Bryce juggles a full time job, a new start-up business (Nalu Surf) and two young boys with a form of arthritis that would stand in most people’s way.

Here he shares his thoughts on how he supports the four key pillars of health: immunity, strength, stamina and flexibility.

Bryce Miller Simmer

Core Focus

Bryce Miller Interviews“I was diagnosed with a form of inflammatory arthritis (Ankylosing Spondylitis) a few years ago. This has really shaped how I train and what I can get away with. If I do too much I end up on the floor in a heap. This form of arthritis attacks the joints, in particular the spine and hips. I try to focus on keeping my core, back and legs as strong as possible through gym work in an attempt to protect my joints. I follow up with lots of stretching to keep everything as flexible as possible. As a 37 year old father of two, I have to work hard if I want to get out on the water at every chance I can get.

“Stamina is always a hard one as the medication I am forced to take, along with the condition, has a tendency to leave me feeling pretty tired. This is where good diet and Apsu’s superfood multivitamin supplements have helped. I never want to miss out on any sessions or end up too sore.

“I have always found if I’m pushing too hard and not keeping the diet in check I end up quite sick. If I am eating the right things, it amazes me how much more I can do and how much further I can push my body. This is certainly more apparent as I get older.

“My arthritis can leave me extremely stiff and unable to do many things. With a good diet, the health benefits of Apsu, and by keeping moving and in the water, I have managed to keep doing all the sports I love without too many issues and hopefully my joints continue to stay fairly mobile.”

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