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Vitamin D – let the sunshine in

Vitamin D3 – Cholecalciferol Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin. Our sun is the biggest source which we absorb through our skin. We only need a relatively small amount of exposure to sunshine each day to hit our daily requirements, but we are increasingly avoiding the sun through office work, clothing and sunscreen. […]

Fat soluble versus water soluble vitamins and why it is relevant

Understanding the misunderstood “expensive urine” multivitamin concept, we look at how vitamins behave by explaining the difference between fat and water soluble vitamins.  We are in the process of writing about the various ingredients found in Apsu’s superfood multivitamin. So, it seemed like a good opportunity to understand how vitamins work and how different types […]

Vitamin C – muscle strength and immunity

We are doing a series of blogs about the ingredients you find in Apsu’s superfood multivitamin, and here we look at one of the most popular, Vitamin C. Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) Strengthens muscles and blood vessels // kills cancer stem cells // prevents scurvy // boosts immunity Fresh studies released this month show that […]