Eight steps to start your day feeling energised


How a new morning routine with these eight steps can help you feel energised again

Energy might be the most valuable resource available to you. Still many overlook it, lack it and accept a state of constant lethargy. But there are ways to naturally ignite and maintain your energy. 

If you want vibrant energy throughout the day, it is as simple as embracing a new morning routine. We all know that old habits can be hard to change, but the good news is that these eight steps can yield instant results.

Energize yourself today with Apsu’s eight step morning routine!

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1.Wake up an hour earlier then usual
This may seem counter-intuitive so instead of thinking “No way am I losing an hour’s sleep – I’ll be even more tired tomorrow”, a good trick here is to see yourself maximizing every single hour of sleep you’ll be getting and picture yourself waking up full of energy. DO NOT hit that snooze button, not even once. Choose uplifting, motivating music that resonates with you, keep your phone on the opposite side of the room and look forward to waking up with a positively energized body and mind.

2. Drink a large glass of water
Drink it slowly and enjoy every sip… Enjoy the fact that this morning you have time, unlike yesterday when you woke up last minute and rushed through your morning. Adding lemon to your water is even better.

3. 10 minutes of meditation
You may think that meditation is for new age hippies, however it certainly works and you should give it a try, for ten minutes each morning. Sit with your eyes closed and focus on taking deep breaths in (while thinking about positive aspects of your life, such as achieving better health), and long breaths out (releasing any negative aspects such as fear and bad habits).

4. 10 minutes of visualisation
This is another great technique that doesn’t cost anything and makes you feel great. If you are working on being healthier, visualize how you will look, how you will act and what it will feel like. See yourself living the day ahead in the best way possible. This will help create the feeling that you already experiencing this new state.

5. 10 minutes of stretching
Choose no more than five poses that help to stretch the areas of your body that you feel need the most relief (your hamstrings, back or shoulders, for example) and do each one for one to two minutes.

6. 10-15 minutes of exercise
Getting in a short burst of exercise each morning as part of your routine will help your body wake up and release endorphins, the fuel of energy. A fun routine is the following:
– as many dips or push-ups you can do. Rest for one minute and then do it again.
– as many pull-ups your can do. Rest for one minute and then do it again.
– as many sit-ups as you can do. Rest for one minute and then do it again
– one minute of jumping squats

Please note, this is not a work out program, but a suggested routine that will allow you to fit a healthy dose of exercise in to your morning to help you feel more energy throughout your day.

7. Cold shower
You read that right! By now, you will already be feeling the satisfaction of having more energy and starting your day off right. Jump in a cold shower, get passed the temperature shock, and enjoy the feeling. It will get your blood pumping and set you up for a great day!

8. Get going
Treat yourself to a healthy and hearty oatmeal breakfast, mixed with fresh or frozen organic fruits, coconut oil and chia seeds.

You won’t believe the amazing feeling you’ll experience when you look at the time, knowing that you are not in a rush and feeling ready to take on the day stress-free and with energy.

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How can Apsu’s Superfood Multivitamin help you?

Apsu® will also help boost your Energy and Focus
Containing a mixture of 16 vitamins and minerals as well as a concentrated powder blend of 42 different fruits, vegetables and herbs, Apsu® helps balance out any shortfalls that may be present in your standard diet with a whole food based approach.

All 8 B-vitamins (often referred to as the ‘energy vitamins’ because of their vital role in cell metabolism) are present in Apsu®, as is green tea extract (associated with increased fat oxidation as well as other benefits outlined below).

The end goal is to provide a well-rounded arsenal of nutrients so that your body is naturally balanced to deliver energy and focus when you need it most.


MORNING ROUTINE , apsu supplement, apsu nutrition



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