Not all multivitamins are the same

Apsu is a multivitamin supplement like no other. It has been carefully crafted to avoid vitamin overdosing for people who lead active lives. Many traditional multi-vitamins try to be all things to all people. They rarely consider that many nutrients and vitamins enter our bodies via the food we eat. So when a multivitamin is taken in addition to a normal diet, too many vitamins and nutrients go into the body, which the body simply doesn’t need. So what does it do? In many instances, it gets rid of the excess, and your money goes to waste, quite literally down the toilet. Some vitamins can trigger nasty side effects if too much is ingested, so balancing supplements with your diet is key.

Almost all multivitamins don’t take into account how people have different needs. Apsu was designed originally to support surfers and windsurfers whose diets are generally quite good but who expend considerable amounts of energy in a relatively high-impact sport, in an environment that is sometimes susceptible to illness through contaminated water. Tiredness, contaminants, high energy-burn and high impact sports – these can all lead to depleted energy reserves, lower immune strength, joint problems and fatigue.

So Apsu was created to help combat these problems through a carefully crafted recipe of vitamins, nutrients, electrolytes and antioxidants.

But it’s not just surfers and windsurfers who are enjoying the benefits of Apsu. Anyone who leads a highly active life, whether in sports or simply day-to-day, can see how one or two Apsu tablets each morning can lift their energy levels, defend them better against illness and keep their joints well-oiled.

Apsu – supporting the athlete in you.

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