Sailing on the High Sands

Speed, excitement and the thrill of the oceans are what draws countless people to the world of high performance yachting. Setting speed records amongst the crashing seas, lassoing off the edges of great oceanic storms to propel a yacht further and faster than it’s ever been; these are the dreams of sailing adventurers.

That was until land yachting came along and took the water out from beneath our feet and introduced a new way to fulfil our need for speed and our love of chasing the winds. Apsu Team Rider Ross Vickers, a professional ocean navigator and sailor, is now training in a Blokart in the Nevada desert with a few serious land yachting goals in mind. Here is his introduction to The Journey he has just begun. We will keep you updated on our Apsu Facebook page or you can follow him here and here.

So what’s “The Journey” all about?

I have been working with Nick Moloney over the past year on a bunch of different record breaking endeavours. This has inspired me to do one of my own, but I wanted to do one that’s a bit different, something unique, something fun.

There was also an opportunity to do something on the west coast of the USA, a place that I have wanted to explore more for a long long time. So here I am, road tripping around California, Nevada and maybe Oregon too.

Four goals have been set; I will be happy to achieve the first two and if the second two are possible I will be super excited.

Goal 1: Create a Journey. For me it’s not so much the records themselves, but the journey getting there, the road trip, the training, and the family of supporters along the way. I am filming most of the trip with four cameras, and also updating on Instagram.

Goal 2: Set a 24 hour distance landsailing record on the blokart. As far as my research has come up with, this has not been done. I think this creates a very exciting challenge, that hopefully others can have a crack at in the future. Rather than just flat out speed, it requires a level of endurance. As compared to the 24hour sailing records, the blokart has no autopilot, no sleeping berths, no galley… It’s not going to be easy to last that long.

Goal 3: Better the solo mono-hull on the water record on land in a blokart. This record was set in 2012 by “Macif” Francois Gabart, FRA, at a distance of 534.48nm (989.85km / 615 miles). He averaged 22.27kts, which is pretty fast.

Goal 4: Better the solo outright on the water record on land in a blokart. This record was set last week by Thomas Coville, skipper of the trimaran “Sodebo Ultim” at a distance of 714nm (1322 km / 821 miles). He averaged 29.75 knots, simply unbelievable for a solo sailor (note this is yet to be ratified).

So there you have it, that’s my journey they are my goals. The attempt will take place sometime during the week of the 20th of June.

Thanks so much to my supporters Nick Moloney from Apsu Nutrition & Molokai Group, Nicky Evans from Neap, Matt Beckett from Blokart, and of course Joanna Caen.

Keep Following. More updates coming soon.

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